"Everything that has gone through Damir's life and musical upbringing comes to fruition in this album. Multiple influences, hard work and contemplation. With this top class band he has created an album that showcases great musical varieaty and emotional width. Above all, it's great to hear when someone finds his voice with the trumpet and in music. It's a long journey that has taken him there and I get the feeling it's nowhere near the end!"



Damir Out Loud members are:


Damir Bacikin - trumpet
Gerhard Gschlössl - trombone

Julius Heise- vibraphone
Oliver Potratz - bass
Tobias Backhaus - drums

Costume Desighn: Shooka Hashemi

Video Art: Vlad Margulis

Web Design: Katja Marulis

Photo Art: Peter C. Theis