Damir Bacikin - trumpet
Gerhard Gschlössl - trombone
Oliver Potratz - bass
Tobias Backhaus - drums
special Guest: Jelena Poprzan - vocal

Released February 28, 2020

Label: Schoebill Music, Berlin

Mixed & Mastered at SAE Institute Belgrade by Bojan Rajacic

Produced by Damir Bacikin

All compositions by Damir Bacikin


"Sonic appearance" by Oliver Potratz

"Ibar voda" Traditional

Recorded at the "Capital S" studio,

Berlin by Anders Grop

Audio Edits by Lorenzo Canestri

Executive producer: Johannes Haage

Design by Katja Margulis

Original artwork by Vlad Margulis

"Graduation day"

Damir Bacikin- trumpet

Barbara Venetikidou- clarinet

Ferdinand Hendrix- trombone

Lukas Fichtner- french horn

Julius Heise- acoustic/electric vibraphone

David Hagen- doublebass

Silvester Miklosz- drums

special Guest: Miguel Peres Inesta- bass clarinet

Released June 14, 2013

Label: Unit records, Bern, Switzerland

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Christoph Schlimbach, Greve Studio Berlin

Produced by Damir Bacikin

Compositions & arragements by Damir Bacikin

Sponsored by the Berlin senate for cultural affairs (Senatskanzlei- Kulturele Angelegenheiten)